The International Passport
to a British Education

Permanent UK Residency
Fully fund British Education
Invest Securely in
UK Assets

The Education Bond® Programme is a smart way for international students to finance a UK education by investing in the UK and qualifying for permanent residency.

Why UK

Invest in the United Kingdom

Individual investors are highly regarded and appreciated by the UK Government. The Government encourages international investors to take advantage of the excellent investment environment, stable government and widely respected legal system.

Because of these factors, the United Kingdom received £197 billion of foreign direct investment in 2016, according to the OECD, one third of the total European Union inflow. As the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK is not only a great place to invest, but also to live, study and work.

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Study at the leading schools and universities in the world

More than anything else, the United Kingdom is known for its rich cultural heritage and unparalleled educational institutions. For example, in 2016 Oxford University was ranked the top university in the world rankings and currently UK has four universities in the global top ten

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