Earn Permanent UK Residency

International students can achieve Indefinite Leave to Remain after the 5-year term of their investment.

By changing visa status from Tier 4 Student visa to Tier 1 Investor visa, candidates, with the support of their parents or guardians, can earn the right to remain in the UK after graduation by securing UK residency.

With the help of the Programme’s work placement team, students can pursue a wide variety of career choices in the UK’s dynamic and growing economy after they graduate.

Invest Securely in UK Assets

Combine 4% fixed interest with security from UK Government Bonds

The Education Bond® Programme combines an investment into AA-Rated UK Government Bonds with an investment into asset-backed UK construction projects.

The investment strategy has a focus on Government-related affordable housing projects and student accommodation. The detail of projects are clearly explained to candidates prior to investing so that they can fully understand the projects before joining the Programme.

The minimum subscription price is £2 million and the combined portfolio will produce a net annual income of £40,000 per million invested in Education Bond per year, before tax but after paying the Programme’s management fees. After 5 years and Indefinite leave to Remain status has been achieved, the invested capital is returned to the Bondholder.

Fund a UK Education

Receive 100% of education costs

Under the Education Bond® Programme, the income of £40,000 will pay for the student’s secondary school or higher-education tuition fees.

Tuition fees will be paid annually in three instalments at the beginning of each term. Any surplus is provided to the Bondholder as either a cash income to contribute towards their living costs in the UK, or if preferred, a donation to a leading international education charity, the British Council’s ‘Generation UK’ China academic scholarship programme.

During their studies Bondholders are supported by the Programme’s work experience scheme and after graduation, the interest can be taken simply as income, or be used to support post-study work experience and career placement.